Nail Wrap Foil Stickers - Triangles - Red/Gold #192

Get a beautiful red and gold triangle pattern with a simple nail sticker!


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Nail Wrap Foil Stickers - Triangles - Red/Gold #192

Sheet of 16 nail foil wraps of various sizes.

Create amazing nail decorations with these nail decals !


- Carefully manicure your nails
- Select the foil piece that is the closest to the size of your nail
- Trim the foil to fit it to your nail
- Peel off the backing film and apply the foil to the nail
- Press on firmly to the nail
- File off the excess material in a gentle downward motion using a file.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Professional exclusive product N/A
Brand Not available
Reference number DMI192
Types 3D Integrals
Themes Geometric shapes
Colors Gold, Red
Dimensions N/A
Wholesale No