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Perfection pH Control 15 mL 0.5oz

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Perfection pH  Control is used as the last step of nail preparation. It temporarily removes moisture from the nail plate to improve the wear of a gel application.

Perfection pH Control 15 mL 0.5oz

Perfection pH Control temporarily dehydrates the nail plate to give more adhesion to an UV gel nail enhancement.

Although designed for use with Perfection UV gel products, Perfection pH Control can also be used with resin, regular nail polishes or gel polishes.


After preparing the natural nail, simply apply Perfection pH Control generously to the nail plate. For best results, apply several layers until the liquid evaporates quickly and the nail has a whitish appearance. Then continue with the usual Perfection gel enhancement steps.


Perfection pH Control bottles can be kept at room temperature, preferably out of direct sunlight.

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