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Perfection UV Gel Starting Kit

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Perfection UV Gel Starting Kit

Customize Perfection UV Gel Starting Kit
Perfection pH Control 15 mL 0.5oz   + $6.76
Adher + (Uv Primer) Ongles d'Or 15ml Perfection ADR+15   + $16.95
Perfection One Step Gel 1/4 oz   + $11.01
Perfection Perfect C Clear Sculpting UV Gel 1/4oz   + $11.01
Fini-Plus LED and UV No Wipe Top Coat 15ml (FP15)   + $13.56
UV Gel Brush Set Frosted Handle Square/Angled/Pointed Round   + $16.96
Perfection Perfect Nail Prep 125 mL   + $8.45

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Perfection UV Gel Starting Kit
Perfection UV Gel Starting Kit

In stock



    Perfection Gel Starter Set

    Create long-lasting UV gel nail enhancement with the Perfection gel Starter Kit!

    Choose to add or not a lamp and a Shellac color.


    1. Brush nails with soap and water;
    2. Push back cuticles and file nails;
    3. Choose and customize the nail tips (if necessary);
    4. Buff gently the nails and remove dust;
    5. Apply 2 coats of Perfection pH Control;
    6. Glue nail tips with Ligne Pro or Elegance Finishing resin (if necessary).


    1. Apply 1 coat of ADHER+ UV PRIMER and cure 1 minute;
    2. Wipe off the nails with a clean dry brush or with a lint free wipe;
    3. Apply Perfect C Clear, One Step or Perfect C Pink;
    4. Cure under an UV or LED lamp;
    5. Repeat step 2 and 3 to obtain desired shape;
    6. Remove stickyness with a lint free wipe and Perfect Nail Prep;
    7. File the nails to obtain a smooth surface and remove dust;
    8. If desired, apply 2 thin coats of the Shellac color of your choice, curing each layer in a UV or LED lamp;
    9. Apply 1 coat of Fini-Plus No Wipe Top Coat and cure completely, according to your lamp.
    10. Apply cuticle oil and you are done!

    Removal of Perfection gel enhancement

    Unless you have applied Perfection Soak Off Gel as the first layer of your enhancement, the enhancement will not be soakable. It will be possible to remove the enhancement by filing.

    Included in the starting kit:

    • Perfection pH Control 15mL
    • Adhere + Primer 15mL
    • Perfection One Step gel 1/4oz
    • Perfection PErfect C Clear Sculpting gel 1/4oz
    • Perfection nail prep 125mL
    • 3pcs brush kit

    Options ($):

    • Shellac colour
    • UV/LED lamp
    More Information
    Professional exclusive productNo
    Types de gelSculpt, Clear, One step
    DryingUV or LED
    ColorsAccording to selection, Transparent
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