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Press-On Double-Sided Tape (120pcs)

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Press-On Double-Sided Tape (120pcs)

With press-on nails, get the perfect manicure in a minute. No glue needed, just press with the double-sided tape and go.

Press-On Double-Sided Tape (120pcs)

Having beautiful nails doesn’t have to be difficult! With press-on, you’ll get a perfect manicure that’s easy to apply. Three (3) minutes of application and you’re done!

The bag includes 120 pcs with different shapes, perfect to fit on thumb or auricular.

How to Apply Press-On Nails:

1. Remove all types of nail coverings.
2. Push the cuticles with the orange wood. 
3. Clean and wipe natural nails with small cleaning pads.
4. Choose the desired size of nail tips and apply the double-sided tape on the natural nail, put the nail tip on and press to stick.

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