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Press-On Nails - Joyme White/Brown/Grey 24pcs

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Press-On Nails - Joyme White/Brown/Grey 24pcs

With press-on nails, get the perfect manicure, simply and reusable, in a minute. No glue needed, just press and go.

Press-On Nails - Joyme White/Brown/Grey 24pcs

Having beautiful nails doesn’t have to be difficult! With press-on, you’ll get a perfect manicure that’s easy to apply. Three (3) minutes of application and you’re done!

How to Apply Press-On Nails:

1. Remove all types of nail coverings.
2. Push the cuticles with the orange wood. 
3. Clean and wipe natural nails with small cleaning pads.
4. Choose the desired size of nail tips and apply the double-sided tape on the natural nail, put the nail tip on and press to stick.


Use the glue tube and apply a drop on the nail. Put the nail tips on and press while holding the nail tips for a few seconds. 

5. With the mini file, lightly file the tip of the nail tips to remove any imperfections.


To remove nail tips (double-sided tape)

1. Apply 99.9% alcohol around the nail tips and rub for 30 seconds.

2. Hold the nail tips and move from side to side to remove the edge of the nail tips. Apply 99.9% alcohol around the nail tips and insert it between the natural nail and the nail tips to help release the double-sided tape. Continue until the press-on tape comes off.

3. When they are removed, rub 99.9% alcohol inside the press-on to remove any adhesive residue. This way they can be reused.


To remove the nail tips (2g glue).

* Generally, press-ons can last for up to 2 weeks with the glue. 

1. Immerse hands in warm water for 5 minutes to soften the glue.

2. Apply cuticule oil around the nail tips so that the oil penetrates between the nail plate and the glue. The oil will help the glue to come off smoothly.

3. Hold the nail tips and move them from side to side to lift the edge of the nail tips. If necessary, add oil between the balancing movements.


N.B. If you do not wish to reuse the press-on, you can simply dissolve it in acetone or glue remover, like a regular nail enhancement. The box contains a set of 24 nail tips with 2g glue, double-sided tape, 1 mini file, 1 mini cuticle remover and 2 cleaning pads.

More Information
Professional exclusive product No
Brand Not available
SKU PRES-0059-7
Colors Brown - Bronze, Grey, White
Styles Decorative, Press On
Longueur de prothèse Medium
Forme de prothèse Rounded Square
Fini de prothèse Matte Finish
Types de prothèse Finger
Tips Quantity 24
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