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Sugar Wax - Regular 1 Kg

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Sugar Wax - Regular 1 Kg

To be used without waxing strips.
Works great on short hair.
Ideal for sensitive area, bikini and facing waxing.

Sugar wax regular 1 kilo for sugaring

Sugar wax requires no strip.
Works great on even smaller hairs that are often hard to eliminate.
Wonderful for facial waxing, bikini and leg waxing.
Regular sugar wax is ideal for winter or very cold hands.
Ready to use Sugaring paste

How to use sugar wax:

  1. Take some sugar wax and make a small ball with your fingers.
  2. Spread and stretch the ball obtained on the area to be treated with your thumb in the opposite direction of the hair, then pull quickly in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage. Pull off as parallel as possible to the skin, while stretching the skin to prevent echymoses.
  3. Remake a ball with the same piece of sugar wax and repeat the steps until there is too much hair on the ball. The ball must always be malleable
  4. Usually only one small ball of sugar wax allows tweeze eyebrows or lips.


If the weater is cold (or your hands are cold), you must knead longer to get a malleable ball.
If dough is too firm, you can warm up 10 to 15 seconds in the microwave to heat it.
In summer, with the heat, we suggest taking a very firm sugar wax, ideally XX or XXX farm.

When purchasing several sugar wax, shipping charges may apply. You will be informed of these charges where appropriate by one of our representative.

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