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Valerie Ducharme Art Brush - Monoceros

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Valerie Ducharme Monoceros Art Brush to create ombré and marble effect.

Valerie Ducharme Art Brush - Monoceros

This brush can be used to achieve different effects, such as the ombré effect and the marble effect. It can be used with gel as well as with acrylic paint.

The brushes are made up of synthetic bristles of different lengths: the longest bristles are more spaced out and stiffer to help create gradients.

The metal handle is lightweight and turns into a cap to protect the bristles when carriying and storing the brush.

Conservation and maintenance of Monoceros Valerie Ducharme brush 

The Monoceros brush can be used with both acrylic and gel paint. However, it is important to know that if the brush has been used with gel, it can no longer be used with acrylic paint afterwards. Indeed, once used with gel, the bristles will no longer absorb water, which will make them ineffective for use with acrylic.

  • For use with gel:
    • Before use: wipe bristles on a lint-free pad containing 100% gel top coat.
    • After use: use a solvent-free clear gel to roll your brush to remove pigment from color gels. Before closing the brush cap, apply a small amount of solvent-free gel to the bristles to prevent them from drying out. Store the brush so that it is not exposed to light.
  • For use with acrylic paint:
    • Gently clean the brush with water and wipe it by sponging it on a lint-free pad.
More Information
Professional exclusive productNo
BrandValerie Ducharme
Dimensions16cm x 1cm
Types de pinceauNail Art Brush, UV Gel Brush
Bristles typeSynthetic
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