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Essential Starter Kits for Perfect Manicures

Find inspiration among our selection of beginner nail extension kits for unique gift ideas that will delight the beauty enthusiasts in your life. Whether it’s for a novice or an experienced hobbyist, gifting one of these sets is more than just a present – it’s an invitation to create flawless and stylish nails at home.

The Shellac starter Kit, the Perfect Gift for Sublime Nails

The Shellac Starter Kit is the perfect gift for the beauty enthusiast in your life. It provides an exceptional manicure experience that combines the glamour of nail polish with the longevity of a gel. With a trendy color palette, a high-quality adhesive base, and a glossy top coat, this set offers everything needed to create flawless nails that last up to two weeks. Treat your loved ones to the luxury of a professional manicure at home with the Shellac kit and transform their relaxation moments into a refined beauty experience.

 UV nail polish starter kit shellac

Gift Creativity with Resin and Powder Sets

The Ongles d’Or Resin and Powder Starter Kit is the perfect gift for passionate beginners in nail beauty. This comprehensive kit provides everything needed to create professional manicures at home. It is the ideal gift for those who want to explore the art of nail application and turn their relaxation moments into a creative and rewarding experience.


Resin powder nail starter kitResin powder starter kit nail

The Ideal Gift for Manicure Novices

Perfect for beauty enthusiasts and manicure lovers, this all-in-one Perfection UV Gel set is an invitation to discover the enchanting world of gel nails. The included UV lamp ensures quick curing, ensuring long-lasting wear and a professional finish. Provide the pleasure of a creative and professional experience at home.

Gel nail starter kit UV lampgel nail starter kit

The Oh Blush Gel and Powder Set for a Unique Gel Nail Experience

Combining the elegance of gel with vibrant powder shades, this dipping gel set allows you to create sublime and durable nails. Choose your favorite powder from the Oh Blush selection and unleash your creativity. The Oh Blush Gel and Powder Set is a gift to give or treat yourself, awakening creativity and adding a trendy touch to your holiday looks.

 Oh blush dipping gel powder set starter kit nail

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Essential Starter Kits for Perfect Manicures

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