How to choose my nail lamp

How to choose a nail lamp

Some important criterias to choose your lamp…

#What is the difference between an UV Lamp and a LED lamp ? 

UV lamps throw shorter light rays, which therefore takes them longer to harden and dry your pose. An LED lamp will tend to be effective much faster. UV light heats up more, so your UV lamp can get hot more easily and quickly. The bulbs of an LED lamp have an almost infinite lifespan, so you won’t have to change them over the years, unlike UV bulbs. Finally, a UV lamp is less expensive, so it will be a smaller money investment.

One of the main factors to consider when choosing is the risk to the skin. Indeed, many studies have shown that UV rays have long-term harmful effects on the skin. Ongles d’Or therefore recommends a LED lamp, which will be more efficient and safer despite its slightly higher price.

#What power do I need ?

The wattage, in other words the power of the light emitted by the lamp, will have a considerable impact on the performance of your work. The power of the lamp will determine the time needed to cure your products. Thus, to apply UV polishes on natural nails or for curing gel more generally (when applying extensions with a stencil, for example), we recommend a minimum of 36Watts.

#Which lamp size do I need ? 

It may seem obvious, but the size of the lamp matters. Indeed, a larger and bigger lamp will cover an entire hand and will allow to be seated more comfortably.

#What options do I need ?

Some features offered by slightly higher-end lamps could convince you… You could benefit from different pre-programmed curing times, automatic hand detection, a digital screen or even a wireless lamp etc…

#Which brand should I choose ?

It is true that the brand comes into consideration when choosing your lamp.

To start or do your own nails at home, it is not particularly necessary to invest in a very expensive lamp. Some basic lamps will be affordable and will do a very satisfactory job. If you make professional use of it, and therefore repetitive and intensive, it may however be a good idea to invest in a beautiful branded lamp which will guarantee you longevity and quality.

#What about the style ? 

Although this criterion may be secondary or superfluous for some, it is still important for others ! Nowadays, the traditional white lamp is available in a variety of styles and colors to suit all tastes and match all decorations…

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How to choose a nail lamp

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