Ombre Spray: The Secret to Perfect Ombré💅✨

Are you dreaming of manicures with perfect ombré? Here is the product that will revolutionize your creations: the Ombre Spray! 🌸🎨

What is Ombre Spray?

The Ombre Spray is a 14 ml empty bottle, specially designed to create ombré effects on your nails. Fill it with your favorite powder and spray for stunning results. 🌈🖌️

Why choose the Ombre Spray?

  1. Precise Application: With its fine spray nozzle, our bottle allows for an even distribution of colored powders! ✨👌
  2. Easy to Use: Simply fill the bottle with your favorite powder, and spray directly onto the nail to achieve the desired ombré effect. 🎨
  3. Optimal Control: The ergonomic design of the bottle ensures a comfortable grip and total control during application.
  4. Reusable: Made from durable materials, our bottle is easy to clean and reusable. 🔄
  5. Endless color choices: Just add your favorite Oh Blush powder to the spray shadow bottle

How to Use the Ombre Spray?

  1. Fill the bottle with the powder of your choice.
  2. After applying two coats of your base color on the entire nail and catalyzing it, apply a layer of resin on the nail.
  3. Gently spray the powder from the bottle to create the ombré effect.
  4. Apply a final layer of resin, then catalyze.
  5. File and decorate as desired, then apply a coat of Fini-Plus and cure for 1 minute under a LED lamp and 2 minutes under a UV lamp.

Pro Tips for a Perfect Result 💡

  • Layer multiple thin coats for a more intense effect.
  • Vary the colors for unique creations every time.
  • Alternate spray angles for a more natural effect.

A quick and efficient technique to create flawless ombré. Whether you are a novice or an expert, this tool will quickly become an essential in your collection to offer dazzling manicures to your clients.🌸💅✨

  • Ombre Spray for Nails - Empty Bottle 14ml | Perfect Ombré Effects

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    6.19 $

Don’t miss this innovation! Visit our website to learn more and order today! 🛒🎉

Ombre Spray Empty Bottle for Ombre Nail Powder 14mL
Ombre Spray Empty Bottle for Nail Powder 14mL
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Ombre Spray: The Secret to Perfect Ombré💅✨

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