vernis poudre Oh Blush Valerie Ducharme

Oh Blush, new collection by Valerie Ducharme

Discover the colors of Oh Blush’s Valérie Ducharme collection. Valérie chose with us 12 colors that look like her and we illustrated the Oh Blush dip powder jar with her image.


12 new colors of Oh Blush Dip powder

  • Oh Blush 083 Humble : a gray, slightly purple
  • Oh Blush 084 Sophisticated : raspberry pink
  • Oh Blush 085 Delicate : skin beige opaque
  • Oh Blush 086 Elegant : old dark pink, about 2 shades darker than the Dusty Pink
  • Oh Blush 087 Freedom : pale pink beige
  • Oh Blush 088 Strong : canary yellow, Valérie’s favorite!
  • Oh Blush 089 Energic : punchy orange but not fluo
  • Oh Blush 090 Proud of me : coral a little golden satin
  • Oh Blush 091 Independant : purple dark lilac
  • Oh Blush 092 Admiralty : blue powder darker and more opaque than Blue Ming
  • Oh Blush 093 Loyal : punchy dark blue that works really well
  • Oh Blush 094 Powerful : mint aqua punch really pretty

You can buy all the powders individually or buy the complete pack of the  Oh Blush Valérie Ducharme collection, with a nice discount for the complete collection.

To buy this dip powders?
Oh Blush Valérie Ducharme Dip Powders 

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Oh Blush, new collection by Valerie Ducharme

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