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C-Curve Nail Tip - Square Matte

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C-Curve Nail Tip - Square Matte (100pcs) PCCUM100
Tech. price: $9.95
C-Curve Nail Tip - Square Matte (250pcs) PCCUM250
Tech. price: $24.95
C-Curve Nail Tip - Square Matte (500pcs) PCCUM500
Tech. price: $39.95

C-Curve Nail Tip - Square Matte

Square Matte C-Curve Nail Tip can be used with resin, UV gel and acrylic

C-Curve Nail Tip - Square Matte

Clear matte nail tips in 11 pre-numbered sizes. Multiple quantities of each size allows you to customize the design to the shape of your nails or your clients' nails.

The C-Curve is ideal for creating straight shapes and beautiful parallels, whether on a ballerina, square or even almond final shape. When finished, the design will have perfectly curved free edges.

Available in box of 500, 250 or 100, sizes range from 0 to 11.
Model: C-curve square
Color: Matte

Instructions for use:

1. Make the preparation of the nail
2. Select the size of the nail tips that fits your or your client's fingers
3. Apply a thin layer of resin to the nail tips.
4. Hold the prosthesis firmly for about 10 seconds.
5. File the nail if necessary
6. Finally, apply the covering for a perfect result!

More Information
Professional exclusive productNo
Distributor exclusive productNo
Longueur de prothèseMedium
Forme de prothèseRounded Square
Fini de prothèseMatte Finish
Types de prothèseFinger
Tips QuantityBox
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