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Oh Blush Sparkle – Sparkle dip power 2 effets in 1

Great novelty in the Oh Blush powders, the Sparkle collection has just been released: a 2-in-1 dip powder very thin with glitters designed for the resin, which produces 2 different effects according to its application:

Dipped or sprinkled application: Intense multi-colored glitter with a shiny effect

Brushed application on a black background: More discreet glitter and a mirror effect

An exclusive Ongles d’Or’s powder, straight out of our imagination.

dip powder oh blush sparkle glitter

10 new colors for the Oh Blush Sparkle powders :

  • 1001 – Dramatic Dazzle
  • 1002 – Mermaid Tears
  • 1003 – Moondance
  • 1004 – Teaberry Blossom
  • 1005 – Twist of Sugar
  • 1006 – Opposite Illusion
  • 1007 – Ashes of Violet
  • 1008 – Jade Spell
  • 1009 – Red Velvet
  • 1010 – Floral Tapestry

Oh Blush sparkle powders can be purchased individually and you can purchase the complete collection. In addition, until May 24, 2019, we offer you a free Fini-Plus for the purchase of the set of 10 powders Oh Blush Sparkle. Don’t miss this offer !

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Oh Blush Sparkle powder video

For those who could not see the live video on our Facebook page, here is the presentation of the new Oh Blush Sparkle powders and the advice of Valérie for the different applications.



Buy the Oh Blush Sparkle powders bellow ! ?

Oh Blush Sparkle

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Oh Blush Sparkle – Sparkle dip power 2 effets in 1

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