Crushed Foil Flakes

Crushed foil flakes

We present you the set of metallic chrused flake, which will allow you to make very beautiful nail-art, by inlaying them or rubbing them like a chameleon powder.


Nail art rubbed crushed foil flakes

  • Apply a polish or covering layer of your choice.
  • Apply a layer of top coat with a sticky effect, the Fini-Plus is ideal. You can also use the Oh Blush gel and powder finition
  • Cure your finish, 10 seconds so that the Fini-Plus becomes sticky.
  • Using a silicone brush, apply your flakes on your nail and rub.
  • Remove the excess.
  • Apply a new top coat and cure 30 seconds.
  • Avoid UV resins as they could change the color of the flakes.

Crushed foil flakes inlay

  • The inlay can be done with dipping resin, regular resin, gel and powder. In our example, we use dipping resin because it has a slow drying.
  • Apply a layer of dipping resin
  • Directly with your resin, take the flakes and apply them on your nail.
  • Apply your resin pellets on your nail where there are no flake
  • Apply some glitter back if necessary
  • Sprinkle clear resin over the nail then a layer of dipping resin
  • Repeat clear resin + dipping resin
  • Catalyze

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Crushed foil flakes

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