Halloween nail arts inspiration

A chilly French tip

BOO ! Halloween is here, even on you nails ! Here is a cute ghost nail art based on French manicure, well why not ? 

Look made by Claudine Bégin (@latelierc_)


Dreadful snake skin

Lately, we shared an article about Ongles d’Or’s Blooming Gel, but now let’s use it ! The snakeskin effect here comes to get the most horrendous look ! Use a vibrant green as a base for a more dramatic effect !



Bleeding nails 

Want a slightly more sinister look ? Opt for bloodstains, a really simple-to-do nail art but just as striking ! Want a funkier look ? Use vibrant colors and be crative !

Look made by Ongles d’Or (@onglesdor)



Terrible scarecrow

You can use different colors to create this scarecrow effect. All you have to do is drawing some pieces of fabric with a brush, make sure to draw the stitches visible ! 

Look made by Claudine Bégin (@latelierc_)


Be careful with the mummies !

A nice option to use the Spider Gel, you can use it to embody the mummy’s bandages ! 


Look made by Ongles d’Or (@onglesdor)


Two exclusive YouTube tutorials !

For Halloween time, Ongles d’Or has prepared two video tutorials to inspire you even more for your looks ! Watch them now…

You can share your nail arts on Social Medias, make sure to tag us !

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Halloween nail arts inspiration

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