The Pop Nail Art Trend

This trendy look went viral recently !

We’ve been seeing it everywhere for weeks now, this new Pop Art style nail trend ! First, let’s start with a bit of context ! Pop Art is a cultural movement of the 1960s. It gained popularity mainly in the UK, but quickly spread all over the world. It is now appearing in nail art industry ! Enjoy nails with colorful and vibrant styles !

Pop Art Nail Art 101

Step 1

Prepare your nails using the color and technique of your choice.

Step 2

Use a liner brush and outline a black color using gel or vfp on the outer edges of the nail.

Step 3

Using the same brush, draw a thin black line on the right side of the nail.

Step 4

Use a gray color and draw a line next to the already drawn black stroke to add shadow.

Step 5

Add a thin horizontal black line to the bottom edge of the nail.

Step 6

Using white color, place a dot at the top of the nail, near the cuticle area.

Step 7

Draw a long thin white line on the left side of the nail.

Step 8

Apply a matte or glossy top coat, such as Fini+ or UV finishing resin.

There you go ! :) 

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The Pop Nail Art Trend

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