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Spring Trends 2021


Spring finally arrived, the first increase of temperature is coming and we can feel it on your nails! 

So what are the trends for this season? Let’s see what is the top 3 for your nails for this spring 2021.

1- The comeback of the Flashy Colors 

And on the podium, we can find the electric blue, the pink rave, and the powerful red!

Enough to give pep and intensity to your hands! 

With these flashy Colors, you will not be unnoticed, dare a little fantasy! Make impressions by imposing your character colors on your nails! 

Oh Blush Pink Rave Oh Blush Save the Queen, blue, fini matte Oh blush Rudolph, red  

Picture 1 : Oh Blush 010 Pink Rave

Picture 2 : Oh Blush 013 Save the Queen + Fini-Plus Matte + Watercolor Thinner Ink  + Watercolor Blue Ink + Kit Decorative Foil Flakes

Picture 3 : Oh Blush 130 Rudolph + Nail Powder Clear + Nails Art Gold Arch and Straight Line + Nail Art Beads, Gold Frames, and red stones

2- Pastel Colors                                                                              

Discreet, but they still have their place on your nails! 

Perfect for this season, softness and lightness are at the rendezvous. 

Oh Blush pastel, yellow, orange, coral, purple Oh Blush Water lily, Nostalgia, Lotus, Milky way Oh Blush Mollusk, Independant, Admiralty, Lily Oh Blush Nostalgia, blue

Picture 1 : Oh Blush 038 Peaches & Cream + Oh Blush 039 Sour Pink + Oh Blush 031 Sweet LilacFini-Plus Matte

Picture 2 : Oh Blush 095 Water Lily + Oh Blush 100 Lotus + Oh Blush 173 Nostalgia + Oh Blush 060 Milky Way

Picture 3 : Oh Blush 091 Independant + Oh Blush 092 Admiralty + Oh Blush 105 Mollusk + Oh Blush 138 Daylily

Picture 4 : Oh Blush 173 Nostalgia + Kit Decorative Foil Flakes


3- About Shapes and Nail Arts, what are the trends?

After almost a year of staying home, it’s time for Bling-Bling! The bigger the better! 

Stilleto tips are in trend, they are a perfect match with extravagant and eye-catching decoration.

3D flowers, as well as blooming, foil, and big jewelry, are a must-have for your nail art season! 

Oh Blush Iris, Flip Flop, Pink, Purple Oh Blush Petulia, Daylily, 3d Flower, Pink, Grey Oh Blush Bubble Gum, Bright Sun, Yellow, Pink, Matte Oh Blush Mellow, Warmer, Orange, Brown, Black, Grey Oh Blush Affection, True Love, Pink Oh Blush Desire, Baby, True Love, Pink

Picture 1 : Oh Blush 136 Iris + Oh Blush 155 Flip Flops + Stones wheel various colors 

Picture 2 : Oh Blush 137 Petunia + Oh Blush 138 Daylily + Oh Blush 141 Musk Mallow + Gelish PolyGel + Striping Tape Silver

Picture 3 : Oh Blush 157 Bubble Gum + Oh Blush 160 Bright Sun + Fini-Plus Matte + Stone Wheel Oval Shape

Picture 4 : Oh Blush 184 Mellow + Oh Blush 175 Warmer + Nail Art Beads, Gold Frames and Blue Stones + Kit Decorative Foil FlakesNail Powder Clear + Nails Art Gold Arch and Straight Line

Picture 5 : Oh Blush 193 True Love + Oh Blush 185 Affection + Oh Blush 002 White + Nail Art Clear Stone and Beals  +  Nail Powder Clear 

Picture 6 : Dipping Resin Medium + Dipping Resin ThinDipping Resin Ultra Thin + Oh Blush 186 Desire + Oh Blush 187 Baby + Oh Blush 193 True Love + Oh Blush 066 Cashmere Pull + Gel Paint #012 White + Gel Paint #004 Gold + Solid Pro Monomer + Stone Wheel  + Nail Art Stones Bag + Gold Bead Chain + Fini-Plus Matte + Elegance Finishing Resin + Sugar Effect powder 

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Spring Trends 2021

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