Types of resin nails

Different types of resin

Find out which type of resin is for you ! 

Fun fact ? There are two types of resins : slow drying resins and fast drying resins. But what are the differences ?

Fast-drying resins

Fast-drying resin is designed to dry much faster. If you try, for example, to take a pellet of powder, you will notice that it will freeze on the brush before you even place it on the nail.

With this type of resin you won’t be able to achieve effects with your powder. It will rather be useful if you only apply a solid color and you handle the resin fairly quickly.

It is also very useful for gluing your prostheses, in 5 seconds your prosthesis will no longer move and will be firmly in place.

In the fast-drying resins at Ongles d’Or you will find, among other things, the Elegance range and the Ongles d’Or Pro line for technicians.

Slow-drying resins

The slow-drying resin or dipping resin allows you to work on gradients, inlays or other decorations at your own pace. You can dip it in the powder to get small balls, as its name suggests, in order to take only the amount of powder you want to create gradients or even small touch-ups.

You can also use it to do solid colors and take the time you need to properly dust the layers of powder. Since it won’t dry instantly, you have plenty of time to complete nail art at the pace you want.

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Different types of resin

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