Nail art effet glace en résine et poudre

Ice Effet Nails with dip powder

You may have already had the opportunity to discover this video by email. This video of our Ice Effect tutorial in resin and dip powder is a taste of a taste of what you can achieve thanks to our online nail extension training. Nancy, our trainer, explains step by step, how to create an ice effect using resin and powder. We use Dipping resins, which are slow-drying resins that allow you to create gradients and marbled effects.


How to create an Ice Effet nail art with Dip Powders


Steps :

  1. Apply a base coat of medium resin
  2. Using the liquid dippin resin, dip your brush in the dark blue powder to form a small pellet, and melt it in small touches on the nail
  3. Repeat in several places randomly to create a marbled effect. The 3 colors of powder will help you obtain a 3d effect
  4. Repeat with the light blue powder and randomly layer over dark blue and nail. The color must remain translucent to obtain an ice effect.
  5. Then repeat with the ultra white powder, it will give the impression of ice cracking.
  6. Sprinkle the clear powder all over the nail to create depth to your nail art
  7. Apply the ultra liquid dipping resin by tapping on the nail
  8. If you want even more depth, you can add a layer of clear powder and tap again with the ultra liquid resin to wet the powder
  9. Apply the activator spray to the nail to catalyze the resin. Wait a few seconds for it to harden.
  10. You can repeat on all nails before apply your finish
  11. File the nail surface to remove all imperfections and bumps
  12. Use the white sandblasting block to remove the glossy effect
  13. Apply a coat of Fini-Plus UV LED top coat
  14. Using a stick, apply a few flakes of Oh Blush Pearl #5001 powder to give a more luminous and dynamic effect
  15. Cure for 1 minute under an LED lamp (2 minutes under a UV lamp).
  16. Add a layer of Fini-Plus and cure for another minute.

Nail art effet glace en résine et poudre

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Ice Effet Nails with dip powder

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