Oh Blush - Exotic Tour

Oh Blush – Exotic Tour collection

With its new Oh Blush – Exotic Tour collection, Ongles d’Or takes you on a journey around the world. A memorable trip that will leave an indelible memory in your minds and provide intense visual pleasure to your pupils.  

We start with the western charm of Dubai, the first step of this tour, which will not leave you indifferent with its colors making a crossroads between Eastern and Western world. For the great pleasure of fans of all excesses.

We leave Dubai for Santorini and a passage from flashy and hectic colors to a calm and mystical universe. A captivating “purple”, straight out of Prince’s solos. Enough to enchant most die-hard music lovers.

Then heading to Fiji, to see if « the grass is always greener elsewhere ». And we won’t break the rule that says that you do not change a color that charms.

And greenery calls for light. Brilliance and warmth at Canary Islands. Scarlet colors that revive the soul and enchant the spirit.

A long luminous crossing brings us back to a unique universe, where the shades, more subdued, sparkle like timid stars in the sky of a beautiful island with a bewitching name. Maui.

As for those who want more colorful atmospheres, they only have to set their sights on Rio, a perfect embodiment of joy of living, with brilliant shades in the pure tradition of neon colors.

Want more? You will be served by going to Bahamas where colors dance brightly and offer a show of rare elegance.

Close your eyes and let yourself be transported on a pinkish magic carpet to an authentic destination, where a feeling of serenity and tranquility will enliven your senses. Marrakech all the way.

We move on to another dimension tinted with denser but no less exquisite colors. And who better than Bangkok to illustrate a beauty coming straight from the immense Asian universe, which never ceases to surprise us over time.

And since all good things come to an end. The last leg of our Exotic tour takes us to the mysterious Mexico City. A melodious mix that hides its game to offer us a final shine as a guard of honor.

All you have to do is let yourself be seduced by the charm of our Exotic Tour collection. Captivating shades composing a universal language: grace and elegance.

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Oh Blush – Exotic Tour collection

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